Accelerate medical breakthroughs with the power of AI.

BioLogicAI is dedicated to providing tailored machine learning solutions that are designed specifically to meet the complex and unique challenges faced by biomedical and pharmaceutical research teams.

Accelerate drug discovery, and diagnose uncommon illnesses more efficiently with the power of data.

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Empower your research team with powerful analytics.

Machine learning does not replace human reasoning, but it automates analytical tasks to assist your team in making data-informed decisions much more quickly, whether it's in a matter of weeks, months, or even years.

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Get tools that fit your team's process in an innovative way.

Our solutions are designed to integrate smoothly into your existing workflow, without causing any disruptions. By doing so, we help you streamline the discovery process and reduce development timelines.

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Choose collaboration, not just a new technology.

It's unlikely that pre-made tools will solve intricate challenges. Instead, we collaborate with you to create unique solutions that build upon your team's expertise in the domain.

Who we are

At our core, we thrive on tackling the tough stuff - from unique challenges and intricate data sets, to domains that require a more nuanced approach. Collaborating with you every step of the way, we create a customized machine learning solution that reflects your business and leverages your own expertise.

Our Mission

Our goal is to equip your research team with unparalleled analytical capabilities. We provide the essential tools and knowledge to accelerate your research, decipher intricate data, and pave the way for breakthroughs in biology and pharmaceuticals. We stand ready to be your trusted partner in your scientific endeavors.

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What to expect

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Clear communication

Rest assured that our engineers are highly capable of specifying projects and effectively communicating their results. You won't have to worry about interacting with a sales team.

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No counting hours

You won't receive any invoices from us for the hours we work. We agree on a project fee, and that's the amount you pay. There won't be any unexpected expenses or extra charges for overtime.

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All-access, all the time

We take on very few clients at a time, so we can provide them with our full attention. Our CEO will personally oversee your project and be knowledgeable about every aspect of it.

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Learn from our team

Our team collaborates with yours and grants full access to our code throughout the project. This way, your team can gain valuable insights from us and improve their ML expertise.

What you get

Customized solution that suits your requirements.
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Easy project planning

In-depth interviews, thorough data analysis, and scholarly research

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Clean and tested code

Keep it, use it and repurpose it as needed

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100% transparency

Complete overview of everything, from pricing to our git repo.

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Regular updates

Regular check-ins allow us to stay on track and ensure that we are meeting our goals in an effective manner.

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Integration into your tool-chain

We have the capability to automatically import data, export results, and provide API accessibility.

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Project management

We ensure that the project stays on schedule and keep you informed every step of the way.

What are some ways that your team can benefit from utilizing machine learning?

Drug Discovery:

Our team can develop various tools that can assist you in speeding up the process of hit discovery, transitioning from hit to lead more efficiently, and optimizing leads. These tools can also aid in finding promising new molecules, expediting the process of moving to trials, and achieving faster market entry.

Clinical Trials:

Leveraging machine learning techniques can enhance your research team's ability to develop effective clinical trials. By analyzing an extensive amount of data points, you can uncover optimal trial protocols and improve patient recruitment to increase the likelihood of obtaining conclusive results.

Disease Diagnosis:

Streamline the analysis of proteomic, metabolomic, and genomic data through automation to reduce weeks of analysis. Identify biomarkers more quickly and create automated diagnostic solutions based on patterns that may be missed by traditional tools.

Medical Image Analysis:

By training algorithms on millions of medical images, it is possible to teach them the unique characteristics of a disease. This enables the development of innovative solutions that aid in the early and precise diagnosis of illnesses, increasing the probability of successful treatment.

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Here’s our four step method for success:

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Duration: 1 day

Strategy Day

Your project kicks off with a comprehensive Strategy Day held on site.

This initial step involves conducting a thorough exploration of your business to gain a deep understanding of your needs. By validating the solution beforehand, we can prevent costly missteps such as asking the wrong question, lacking sufficient data, or selecting an overly complex problem.

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Duration: 4 Weeks

Proof of concept

Our team of skilled engineers and experienced professionals utilize pre-built compute infrastructure to deliver a proof of concept for your machine learning solution in four weeks or less.

It's crucial to get buy-in from your team early on and minimize the risk of a production solution that doesn't meet expectations.

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Duration: 2-6 Months

Develop, integrate, test

Our team operates on a 2-week sprint system to create your solution, with bi-weekly meetings to discuss our advancements.

We utilize Slack  for real-time communication to keep everything on track and avoid any communication issues. Once we have completed the development process, we will take the solution live and evaluate its performance in your production workflow.

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Duration: Ongoing

Learn. Scale. Grow.

An effective machine learning (ML) application isn't the end of the road – it's just the beginning. So, what's the next step?

We are here to assist you in scaling your solution to other locations, projects, or products. Additionally, we can create new strategies to eliminate inefficiencies, enhance processes, or increase revenue.

Our toolkit

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Our primary dev language.

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All-in-one computing infrastructure.

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Google Cloud

Another champion in computing infrastructure.

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Azure is fun too.

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Improved infrastructure for speed and efficiency.

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Deployments made easy: portable, flexible, and simple.

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